Social First

Bombay Sapphire Saw This, Made This global campaign launched in October 2022. As the campaign’s creative director, Baz Luhrmann (Elvis, Australia, Moulin Rouge…) called for people to see the world as a gallery of creative inspiration and share on social media what they ‘saw’ and consequently ‘made’ via #SawThisMadeThis. Thousands of people across six continents engaged with their creative talents and shared what they saw in the world via the hashtag. The campaign invites people to capture and share on social media what they see in the world that creatively inspires them, and what they have subsequently made, using #SawThisMadeThis. Through collaboration with hundreds of artists and creators from a variety of disciplines, the campaign features before and after “Saw This, Made This” videos and photos, demonstrating how people can reframe the world around them and turn that inspiration into creative expression. From the beginning of the campaign, I have been working on crafting assets for socials that would communicate the principle of the creativity process, using the key elements of the Campaign, such as the corners or the blue hues. Once the project was coming to completion I have been working on the social content that would be used on the Global channels as well as on the local markets. Editing and reformatting assets for a social-first audience.